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Volvo Diagnostic Kit include:

 • 88890300 Vocom interface
• 88890304 OBD2 cable
• 88890306 8-pin cable for European trucks
• 88890305 USB cable
• Volvo Tech Tool (PTT) 2.8 / VCADS Pro + Developer Tools

The new Volvo Interface 88890300 is developed for Volvo and Mack heavy vehicles (trucks, buses, trailers) and egnines. Communication unit enables PC to vehicle communication, the device connects to the PC via USB cable or by WLAN using the 802.11 b/g connection standards. It’s a great tool for all workshops that work with Volvo and Mack heavy vehicles, this tool also is used by Volvo and Mack dealers workshops. Wireless comunication allows you to work with any Volvo or Mack vehicles more mobile as possible in workshop or outside the workshop if it’s necessary. 88890300 communication interface alows you to do diagnostic operations quickly thanks to high-quality Volvo-Mack software.

Tech Tool (PTT) – diagnostic application specially designed to test, calibrate and program engine parameters. Many functions in today’s modern vehicles are controlled by Electronic Control Units (ECUs). ECUs control components such as the engine, instrumentation and certain vehicles funtions. PTT is a toolbox that bundles diagnostic (VCADS) and repair applications (Guided Diagnostics) together making it a one stop shop for the technicians. The main purpose of PTT is to support the diagnostic and repair process to make it easier for technicians to work with the tools provided. PTT provides access to vehicle and parameter programming, service information and diagnostics. PTT Development mode gives you more rights for aceessing, diagnosing and programming parameters.


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