MAN-CATS III T200 Truck Diagnostic Kit 14.01 + Laptop installed


MAN-CATS III T200 Truck Diagnostic Kit 14.01 + Laptop installed

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MAN-cats III is an external diagnosis system with the most extensive test depth for electrical systems in MAN commercial vehicles. This Dealer Level diagnosis system is ideally suited to use in a workshop as well as mobile usage. MAN-CATS T200 is portable and robust. It enables workshops especially smaller ones – to inexpensively keep up with the new Trucknology technology in the vehicles.

Package includes:

  •  T200 communication interface;
  •  OBD2 cable;
  •  12-pin round cable;
  •  Network cable;
  •  MAN-cats III 14.01  (Development level);
  •  MANTIS (spare parts);
  •  MANWIS  (workshop and repair manuals);
  • Panasonic CF-C1 Touch Screen Laptop

Examples of diagnosable systems:

  •  Electronic brake systems (EBS);
  •  Electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS)
  •  Engine regulation (EDC)
  •  Retarder;
  •  Gearbox;
  •  Air-conditioning systems;
  •  Central computer;
  •  Instrumentation;
  •  Door module;
  •  Airbag;
  •  And much more…

Possibilities of use:

  •  Simple testing of actuators;
  •  Visualisation and assessment of current sensor signals
  • Identification of control unit in assembled condition
  •  Depiction of all stored diagnosis entries;
  •  Fast orientation on vehicle by means of integrated overview wiring diagrams;
  •  HD-OBD scantool (Heavy Duty On Board Diagnosis), read-out and presentation of data relevant to exhaust gas.

Supported languages:

German, Dutch, Hungarian, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, French, Czech, English, Croatian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, and many more


We offer original Man-Cats II T200 Diagnostic Kit only, we don’t sell any low-quality chinese copies. To ensure our customers that our devices are high quality, we provide 1 year of full warranty . So if you have any problem with Man-Cats II T200 Diagnostic Kit, please contact our technical support department and we will do all our best to repair the device.

Compatible software:

  • MAN-cats III 14.01 [2019] (Development level)
  • MANTIS 2018 (spare parts)
  • MANWIS 2018 (workshop and repair manuals)