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MAN CATS 2 designed to support older MAN vehicles without CAN BUS diagnostic systems, it supports wide range of heavy vehicles made by MAN.

MAN CATS 2 (MAN CATS II) is a main diagnostic tool for all MAN group heavy vehicles and engines. This diagnosis system is ideally suited to use in a workshop as well as mobile usage. MAN-cats II is portable and robust, the best tool you can have for MAN truck maintenance and service. It enables workshops especially smaller ones – to inexpensively keep up with the new Trucknology technology in the vehicles. User friendly and easy to use.

MAN CATS 2 features

  • Light and compact diagnosis tools for vehicles, bus chassis and stationary engines with Trucknology technology
  • Independent thanks to wireless communication between service computer and communication interface (range to 200 metres)

MAN CATS 2 diagnosis

  • Control unit identification
  • Read out, evaluate and delete diagnostic memory
  • Actuator test (active triggering of actuators)
  • Monitoring (visualisation and evaluation of current sensor signals)
  • General circuit diagrams of systems retrievable

MAN CATS 2 miscellaneous

  • HD-OBD scantool (from approx. Mid-2004)
  • Heavy Duty On Board Diagnosis, read-out of data relevant to exhaust gas

MAN CATS 2 optional

  • Can be expanded with additional software modules